Reach BAME Communities

Being of a South Asian background gives Azmina the edge in campaigns aimed at South Asian families. She has an in-built understanding of the culture, dietary habits and values that are part of this close-knit community.

Cut COVID-19 risks

South Asians are at greater risk of COVID-19. Culturally appropriate cooking and diet tips can help BAME communities manage their weight and reduce risks of long-term conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease – and now coronavirus.

Azmina is Campaign Dietitian for Public Health England’s NHS Better Health Campaign where she offers practical nutrition advice to ethnic groups on how to lose weight whist still enjoying traditional foods.

Connect with BAME families

Many South Asian families have Lyca, Sunrise or Sabras radio playing in the background for most of the day. They tend to shop in Asian food stores, and Azmina can find ways to reach these households through radio, press and online communications.

Azmina appeared on a series of live radio interviews for Tilda and, with celebrity chef Cyrus Todiwala, she created Healthy Eating for Lockdown tips to promote Tilda brown rice on the Tilda website. Her South Asian diet recipes and tips were used to make engaging yet credible social media assets for BAME communities.

Take part in Asian communities’ lives

Azmina is no stranger to Gurdwaras, Mosques and Temples and she understands the relationship between faith, dietary practices and culture in South Asian families.

She worked with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Department of Health over several years, conducting dietary interventions to help reduce risks of heart disease within Sikh, Muslim and Hindu places of worship around the UK.

Virtual Personalised Diet Consultations

People from South Asian communities are at greater risk of conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and Covid-19. Book a dietary consultation with Azmina to help you manage your risks.