10 ways to burn off calories

by | Oct 30, 2012

  1. Ironing for half an hour can burn up to 150 calories.
  2. 30 minutes of vacuuming can shed up to 200 calories.
  3. 250 calories can be lost whilst cleaning the windows and with all that stretching on your tippy toes, you will tone the arms, thighs, love handles and shoulders, too!
  4. Using the stairs 10 times a day will see another 250 calories away, whilst toning the thighs and bottom.
  5. Check your room temperature. The green house effect is said to slow down the rate at which you burn calories.
  6. If gardening is your thing, 30 minutes can burn off around 150 calories.
  7. Cycling is a great incentive for burning calories and an hour on your bike can help you lose around 330.
  8. A brisk walk, so as you feel yourself getting slightly out of breath, for 15 minutes at a rate of 4mph, can burn 100 calories, effortlessly.
  9. Your brain becomes more energized when you stand whilst working or studying.  Plug in your standing time at least 5 times for ten minutes, preferably every hour. This will see a further 25% of calories burnt away.
  10. Can’t get a seat on the train? Take heart – you burn more calories while standing!

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