Do you throw away your five-a-day?

by | Mar 25, 2014

pic 1

my new machine

Surveys suggest that people tend to add fruit and vegetables to their shopping trolley, they proudly display fruit in a bowl, or store a variety of veg in the fridge, but by the end of the week much of it ends up not being eaten. In my quest to help people reach their five-a-day target, I decided to check out whether having the appropriate equipment (in my case, a Nutribullet) at home would make a difference.

When I first got my machine, I must admit, the box and cookbook were displayed in the kitchen for a few days, waiting for me to read the instructions and give it its first wash. But once I had overcome that hurdle, I decided to keep the machine on the kitchen surface with all the cups and blades nearby. I’ve learnt that in order to make any change to your eating habits, you need to make it easy for yourself, so I made sure everything was ready and within easy reach. That was step 1. So, did it make a difference?

I flicked through the pages of the cookbook and thought I should make a list of the ingredients so that I could try out the recipes, but I haven’t got round to that yet. Keeping with the golden rule of making any habit change easy for it to be sustainable, I decided to work with what was easy for me, and that was to raid my fridge and buy a few bits and pieces that were on offer at my next supermarket shop. As I walked home from the station, I also bought a couple of “one pound bowls” of fruit that you often see outside grocery stores. Step 2 – I now had the ingredients ready and accessible at home.

pic 3

Step 3 was oh so exciting! I hadn’t realised just how much fun it would be for me to play with all the colourful fruit and veg I’d bought. I think I felt smug that I was going to be bouncing with vitality  – my skin would improve as the vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen, my immune system would be nourished with all that vitamin A and vitamin C, and my blood pressure would be kept in check with such a great potassium boost. And with this machine, I was retaining even more goodness as the fibre isn’t strained out.

pic 4

carrot, clementine, apple and ginger

I found myself extracting goodness from an array of brightly coloured fruit and veg – and it was so easy. Peel a few carrots, core a few apples, chop a banana, throw in some seeds and voila…I had created such a range of colourful combos that I just couldn’t get through them all.

pic 5

banana, pineapple, orange juice

The best part was my whole family got into the swing of blasting their own culinary concoctions and experimenting with all sorts of weird flavour combinations. Some of our crazy ideas tasted horrid..don’t try this one at home!

cucumber, lime, carrot, almond, tabasco

cucumber, lime, carrot, almond, tabasco

So,  this new addition to the Govindji kitchen has helped to solidify my belief that in order to change your eating habits, you must make it easy, have the right foods accessible, the end product needs to be tasty, and it can be fun. The bonus is that my new good habit has worn off on the whole family. Wonder what I can do with all those ripe avocadoes….

pic 7

My thanks to Nutribullet for the use of the machine to write this blog. The blog has not been influenced by Nutribullet and is my honest opinion.



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