Fitness Food

by | Jun 2, 2011

So, you’ve made the commitment to get fit and religiously go to the gym no matter what. Sometimes we forget the other part of the equation – the fuel that’s going to get you through the exercise.

split bananas

Your body’s preferred source of energy is starchy carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and cereals. Even if you can’t stop for a proper meal there are quick and easy foods you could fill up on: a buttered granary roll, bean and couscous salad, packet of nuts and dried fruit, a banana or some ready-to-eat cereal with milk. If you need to graze throughout the day, pasta or rice salads, fruit breads or cereal bars are great choices to snack on. If you’re planning to go to the gym after work, you need to eat something starchy a couple of hours before you go for the best possible workout.

And after the gym, a glass of milk or some chocolate milkshake gives you a good combo of protein, carbs and fluid to refuel and rehydrate.

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