Forget the Fad

by | Apr 12, 2015

Mindfulness helps you to achieve success…

You can only achieve your happy weight if you really want to! So, the very first step, is to make up your mind that this is what you really do want and then to take action that is likely to support you in getting the results. Patience, it is said, is a virtue. It took time to reach the weight that you are and it will take time to shed it, too. Tempting as they are, the quick-fixes that are on offer, can lull you into a false sense of security.

Think slim, see yourself at that ideal weight, feeling energetic, doing all the things and taking part in the activities that you would love to, with that increased sense of confidence, whilst enjoying your food as part of a new and healthy lifestyle. Just thinking about ‘going on a diet’ possibly conjures up food deprivation, preventing pleasurable sensations and more. Given that your mind will always look to find the easiest route to achieving a result, it’s no wonder that most so-called diets are so short lived! In effect, you are programming your mind ahead of time, to rebel against the diet, even before it’s started..

Some home truths about quick fix diets:

  • They offer little or no education about making the gradual changes to eating and physical activity habits, which are necessary for successful and long term weight control.
  • The sure way to lose weight and keep is to choose a plan that fits in with your current lifestyle
  • There is no healthy way to lose weight fast. Be patient – it took time to put on the weight, getting it off will take time too, and being patient will help you keep it off
  • Missing meals or trying to lose weight too fast can encourage you to feel you’re ‘’on a diet”. This has it’s own psychological pitfalls and can be positively de-motivating. Think slim and enjoy your food as part of a healthy lifestyle – focus on all aspects of your life and keep your thinking in balance.
  • There are social and enjoyment aspects to food. Keeping to a tailored and sensible slimming plan can ensure that you can still eat out, snack in between meals, and feel ok about straying once in a while.
  • Quick-fixes are open to misuse, for example by people who don’t need to lose weight, or children.

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Energy flows where your attention goes!

So, part of the trick is to use and grow your creative skills by tricking your mind into believing that the weight-loss goal is going to be fun and pleasurable. As soon as you are able to link pleasure to your outcome, you’ll be amazed at how easily you will achieve the results in a safe and sustainable way. The more you practice positive and creative thinking around what you want (as opposed to what you don’t want), the more you increase the likelihood of getting it.

Thought Provoker

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

‘Think Well To Be Well’. An Inspirational Pocket Guide to Diabetes. By Azmina Govindji and Nina Puddefoot. Published by Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation, 2002.

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