Get rid of the negative self-talk

by | Mar 20, 2015

Old habits die hard

The more you use the methods that you’ve created to sustain your own way of life, especially over time, the more embedded they become. Old habits die hard, so you may have heard. Not so. Change can happen in an instant if you are determined to make the change. It’s deciding to make the change that appears to take longer.
In other words, the more you use that same and familiar method or pathway, the more habitual your response becomes.

If you want to change it, then stop conditioning it: Use it or lose it! Practise becoming the minder of your own mind. Learn to catch yourself saying what you’re saying and if it isn’t encouraging you towards the goal that you really want, change your internal chatter.

Practice saying the kinds of things to yourself that are positively reinforcing and encouraging. Imagine what others would say to you that would give you a positive feeling, one of well-being. When you cook a healthy meal, imagine people commenting on how tasty it is and how much better they feel as a result of your healthier cooking. Becoming the minder of your own thoughts is truly powerful – it is taking charge of your own life and the results that you are getting.

How encouraging is that? And it’s all within YOUR control! When it comes to food choices, that’s totally in your control, if you choose to make it so. You can choose foods that fit for you, regardless of what others are choosing, or you can fit in with them and take them with you towards you new healthier lifestyle.

Getting Practical

There’s no need to cook separately for yourself. The best part about eating the right food for slimming is that they’re also great foods for the whole family. Simply serve yourself smaller portions. Remember not to skip meals, as this often makes you ravenous by the next meal and you’re more likely to overdo it, or to snack on high calorie foods in between.

Follow the nutrition guidelines on this site and in my books to help you achieve an overall balanced intake of the right type of foods. It’s a good idea to start by making a note of exactly what you’re eating (called a Food Dairy), so that you have a written record of days when perhaps things could have gone better – or indeed those fab days which you’d like to repeat! If you couple this with notes about how you were feeling at that particular time, you may start to see a connection between times when you feel like indulging and the mood you’re in. This can better equip you to make lasting changes.

Source: ‘Think Well To Be Well’. An Inspirational Pocket Guide to Diabetes. By Azmina Govindji and Nina Puddefoot. Published by Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation, 2002.

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