Is this cookware ingenious?

by | Feb 1, 2015

In my quest to learn more about products and gadgets that help us to eat better, I decided to test out the new Ingenio range from Tefal*. I believe in using non-stick cookware that allows you to pan-fry in the minimum of oil, and being a busy mum, I’m always attracted to pots and pans that don’t need much effort in the washing up department…

What I made

My starter was one of my favourites – chicken samosas. I wanted to make them without added fat, and to bake them in place of deep-frying. So I started to use one of the pans and create the spicy low fat filling.

samosa mix



It was easy to use, and nothing stuck to the bottom.I filled my samosas and had some filling leftover. I liked how I could just remove the handle, pop the plastic lid onto the pan and store the leftovers in the fridge –nifty!

lid on pan

Time for the main course – pan-fried salmon fillets. A dash of olive oil and enough fat in the salmon to give this a nice crispy skin, just how I like it. Gotta eat the skin, as it’s rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fats. I believe we need to eat good fats and I’d rather get them from oily fish, nuts, avocados and healthy oils.

pan fried salmon



It was easy to wash the pan afterwards, and I could remove the handle and pop it under the grill skin side up, for even more crispiness.

While the rice was cooking in the microwave, I thought I’d steam some carrot ribbons and green beans – nothing like getting lots of colour from fresh veg to give you a nutrient boost.

steamed veg 1


I’d never used this type of steamer before and was a bit unsure to start with. I put the green beans in first for a couple of minutes (as they would take longer to cook than the slim and trim carrot ribbons). The transparent, stackable, glass lid meant I didn’t need to keep opening it up to check how it was cooking; hence reducing the chances of losing the hot steam. (Ok, the lid’s off now for a nice picture!).


Much easier to use than I expected. The veg cooked beautifully and it still had the vivid colours, which are often lost during boiling or stir-frying.

So, I have enjoyed using the Ingenio cookware and did find it quite inventive; I’ve never seen anything like it before. As an improvement, I do think a couple more handles would be useful. Now, time for dinner….

salmon meal


*My thanks to Tefal for sending me the Ingenio set to test out and give my honest opinion. This blog has not been influenced by Tefal. 

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