Restaurant Nutrition Review: Four Seasons

by | Jun 3, 2014

In my quest to seek out places to eat whilst watching your waistline, I checked out the Four Seasons in Mayfair, for those times when you want to dine in style…I wasn’t disappointed. I discovered it was such a party for the taste buds that I write this blog in time for Father’s Day, incase you fancy treating dad to a nutritious and delicious sensory experience.

4 seas 1

Warm continental bread was served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and I was mesmerised by the patterns on the specially designed plate. I should have asked him to stop drizzling that oil ages ago but it was so much fun to watch!

olive oil

You could have fresh juice from any fruit that’s in season – I  opted for water melon juice and next time I’d try the papaya. For starter, I went for guinea fowl soup. We expected it to be rich and “gamey” but the essence of guinea fowl infused in a light clear broth with spring onions was light enough to stimulate the appetite and yet flavoured enough so you wouldn’t feel let down.

guinea fowl soup

If you’re looking for a healthy main, I’d suggest you go for the turbot. A chunky white fish that is rich in protein and low in fat. It was laced in ribbons of al dente courgettes. It came with boiled new potatoes on a bed of spinach. As per usual with fancy dining, I never feel they give you enough veg, so we ordered a side of aromatic char-grilled Mediterranean vegetables and broccoli. That’s better – fibre and anti-oxidants to have with that protein.

fishroasted veg

Didn’t need dessert but what do you do if a waiter introduces you to “six sins”? It would be rude not to give it a try so we slowly made our way through each sin in turn… cocoa crumble, dark bitter chocolate, white chocolate ice cream, vanilla cream, chocolate fondant and chocolate sauce. Every sin was as “bad” as you’d expect! I recommend this dessert is shared between at least two people (and ask for teaspoons so you savour the flavours).

6 sins

Bottom line, Father’s Day or not, this is an amazing place to dine and you can easily choose healthier options, especially since the well-mannered waiters and chefs are particularly willing to cater to your unique requirements. Just make sure you save enough calories for the sinful end to your meal…

My thanks to The Four Seasons for asking me to test the menu and give my honest opinion. This blog has not been influenced by The Four Seasons

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