Ten Craving Curbers

by | Jul 31, 2011

1. Make a refreshing drink with crushed ice, sugar-free cordial and sparkling water.

2. Munch on some fresh dates. They’re much lower in calories than dried dates and the extra chewing means extra mouth-feel and satisfaction.

3. If you want to reduce dairy and don’t like drinking soya or rice milk alternatives, buy them flavoured and freeze in an ice cube tray or ice-lolly moulds.

4. Freeze seedless grapes and have them as sweets. They last longer in your mouth and are sweet and satisfying.

5. Brush your teeth! It helps to stop you eating more as you don’t feel like ruining that fresh tingly taste.

6. Raw courgette wedges are far more substantial and interesting than a celery stick.

7. Want something savoury in between meals? Try a few olives. 

8. Cook a whole corn on the cob in the microwave with a couple of tablespoons of water, five sprays of oil and a drizzle of lemon juice. Have the corn GiP-free by using baby corn on the cob from a can.

9. Opt for fruit rather than fruit juice. You get more fibre and a lower glycaemic index because your body has to work harder to break down the whole fruit.

10. Chew sugar-free gum when you feel peckish.

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