Azmina has written several books on weight management, diabetes, healthy recipes and more recently on plant-based eating. Some of her books are collaborations with national organisations like the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation and the British Heart Foundation. Others are for Good Housekeeping, Sainsbury’s and Weight Watchers. And some are just her own way of spreading a passion for eating delicious healthy food.

Azmina’s new book, Vegan Savvy, is now available.

Vegan Savvy

Vegan Savvy is a simple, flexible and nutritionally approved way to make it easier to stick to a plant-based diet without compromising on your health. “Vegan” doesn’t necessarily mean “healthy” and it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of vegan fast food and beans on toast, which could mean you don’t get enough essential nutrients like iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron and calcium. Lack of key nutrients may lead to unwanted symptoms of feeling sluggish or low in energy, looking pale and suffering mood swings. This evidence-based guide offers accessible, visual and practical ways to ensure you are getting enough of the key nutrients without having to swallow handfuls of supplements.

“Dietitian Azmina offers a wealth of practical tips based on both her professional expertise and personal experience of supporting her daughter’s vegan journey. If you’re enjoying a vegan diet, this book could help you to ensure that your nutrition is on track.”

Heather Russell, Dietitian
The Vegan Society

The diabetes weight loss diet

This book is intended for people who are overweight and at risk of type 2 diabetes, or those living with the condition. However, it is also a great resource for anyone who wishes to eat more healthily. Try out Antony Worrall Thompson’s tasty recipes which Azmina has modified so they can help to keep blood glucose levels steady. Check out her realistic advice on how to make small changes to your eating habits to help reduce your risks of developing diabetes, especially if you’re overweight. Since eating for diabetes is simply a healthy diet, the whole family can enjoy this delicious dining experience.

Best-selling author of The Gi Plan and 20 books published in 7 languages.

The Gi Plan

Carbs are not the enemy. In fact, choose the “right carbs” and they can help you lose weight. Now for the first time, this revolutionary point-counting system based on glycaemic index and calorie density makes it easier for carb-lovers to eat well and watch their weight. Each food item has been given a points value (called GiP): simply add up the GiPs of your favourite foods each day and you’re well on your way to gradual and sustainable weight loss. And it’s super flexible – even if you go astray now and then, you can easily get back on track with the empowering willpower boosters. The Gi Plan is not about avoiding foods; it’s about varying your meals and enjoying wholesome tasty food that can help keep you fuller for longer.

“In this practical book [The Gi Plan], Azmina Govindji makes it very easy for anyone to kick-start a low GI diet for healthy weight loss with her quick and easy menus and recipes that you’ll want to try time and again.”

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, Professor of Human Nutrition
University of Sydney
and Author of the Low GI Diet

Healthy eating for diabetes

According to Diabetes UK, it’s estimated that one in 15 people in the UK have diabetes. That’s 4.7 million people, which is greater than the number of people with both cancer and dementia. This figure includes what’s often called the missing million – people who haven’t yet been diagnosed. This book offers practical advice on how to change your eating habits to help keep your blood glucose levels within a healthy range. Antony Worrall Thompson and Azmina have worked together to create 100 delicious recipes, from breakfast ideas to nourishing main meals, that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Healthy Indian cooking for diabetes

South Asian people who live in the UK are up to six times more likely to have diabetes than the wider population. This book offers evidence-based health and dietary advice that is specifically tailored to people who enjoy traditional cuisine and want to embrace a healthier lifestyle. This culturally-appropriate book demonstrates how to reduce the high levels of fat traditionally used in home cooking as well as how to make lifestyle changes that will help manage the condition. It also offers realistic advice for the whole family.

The Hot Body Plan

A spin-off from the Gi Plan book, this is a visual and practical way to incorporate low glycaemic index (low GI) eating using the simple strategy of where to position food on your plate. The book is filled with illustrated examples of meals that are neatly positioned in Azmina’s coined “VVPC” (veggie, veggie, protein, carbs) plate model concept to make it easier for you to balance your meals.

“If you want no nonsense sensible advice, [The Hot Body Plan] is the book for you!”

Matthew Wright
The Wright Stuff

Low GI food for friends

This book contains over 80 delicious recipes that are based on low glycaemic index (low GI) ingredients. The book showcases decadent recipes for entertaining and special occasions that are also easy enough to prepare regularly for family and friends. With exciting dishes such as Guinea Fowl with Fresh Cranberry and Apple Sauce, Garlic, Pepper and Walnut Pappardelle and Ricotta and Chocolate trifle, Low GI Food for Friends puts an end to dull dieting.

The 10-day Gi diet

Studies have suggested that low glycaemic index (low GI) diets can reduce hunger and help to maximise fat loss. The 10-Day Gi Diet offers ultimate flexibility and kickstarts your longer-term low-GI lifestyle. Flick through the pages and you’ll see a host of food choices, activity boosters and mood lifters that contribute to mental and physical well-being. This is a simple, easy-to-follow diet plan that offers visible results in just 10 days.

“A hearty cocktail of fun and knowledge, I wish this book had been available when my own son was diagnosed with diabetes at the tender age of 7.“

Dr Hilary Jones

Healthy meals, healthy heart

Heart disease is particularly common among South Asians living in the UK – Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans. This British Heart Foundation book talks about how what you eat can directly affect your risks. Eating well has never been so easy. You’ll see you can still enjoy biryani, your favourite curries and even samosas, just by making some small changes to the ingredients you use and the way you cook them.

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