Spark interest amongst Key Opinion Leaders 

Azmina has chaired over 30 Key Opinion Leader Roundtables, hosted by various brands. These are lively, interactive workshops where experts learn about the brand values, product benefits and research.
In turn, experts share evidence-based insights on future trends and potential challenges and opportunities for the brand. This “two way street” helps to shape the brand strategy.
Challenge current thinking

At innocent drinks, Azmina led lively expert debates around sugar and 5-a-day, quoting research on fruit juice and smoothies.

She wrote a professional feature that challenged current thinking on smoothies in the British Dietetic Association newsletter Dietetics Today.

Expert quotes in the press

As a media spokesperson to the British Dietetic Association, she’s often asked to provide evidence-based copy that is translated into fresh consumer messaging.

“Different types benefit us in different ways, Azmina tells Refinery29. “Some types of fibre, such as that found in wholemeal bread and bran-based cereals, can act as a sponge and absorb water.” This, she explains, adds bulk to stools and can reduce constipation.”

“Azmina brought energy, passion and professionalism to the workshops, helping to steer conversations and outputs to a helpful place.

Sam Simester, Innovation Research & Development Director

innocent drinks

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