Plant-based & vegan diets

When her daughter decided to go vegan several years ago, Azmina became concerned about how she was going to meet all her nutrient requirements, which propelled her into researching plant-based eating.

Since then, she’s been interviewed on online news channels about Veganuary, has worked with brands to offer tips and advice on plant-based product development, and has written Vegan Savvy: An Expert’s Guide to Nutrition on a Plant-based Diet.

Become Vegan Savvy with Azmina’s new book

Vegan Savvy is a simple, flexible and nutritionally approved way to make it easier to stick to a plant-based diet without compromising on your health. 

“Dietitian Azmina offers a wealth of practical tips […]. If you’re enjoying a vegan diet, this book could help you to ensure that your nutrition is on track.”

Heather Russell, Dietitian
The Vegan Society

Veganuary campaigns

Seize the January opportunity to boost your plant-based range. This could be as simple as bite-sized vegan lifestyle tips on a website to a month-long social media campaign.

Azmina appears on BBC and Sky digital news films on how to go vegan the healthy way. She created Veganuary tips for Larabar.

Vegan tips

Azmina wrote vegan tips for Larabar’s webiste such as “Choose the right fats”

“Better for you” fats are found in foods such as rapeseed oil, avocado, nuts and seeds. Also, you need fat to absorb beta-carotene from fruit and vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes.”

Simply Vegan Magazine

Azmina provides expert answers to commonly posed questions on plant-based eating. She was a regular expert dietitian to Simply Vegan magazine.

Virtual Personalised Diet Consultations

Planning on going plant-based? Whether it’s for Veganuary or for life, choosing the right mix of foods can help you to stay energised and avoid common nutritional pitfalls of an unplanned vegan diet. Azmina holds personalised dietary consultations on zoom or by telephone.