BBC – The Rise of Vegan Junk Food

You just need to look around you to see how vegan fast food is becoming big business. Look closely at the ingredients and you may find copious amounts of coconut oil – this has more saturated fat than butter. A vegan cookie can have around 350kcal and can be higher in sugar than the alternatives. Vegan fast food can be high in salt, but it can be nutritious if you choose wisely. A soy burger, grilled and served in a wholemeal bun with lots of salad, for example, could be a protein-rich alternative to a classic burger, and it’s likely to be lower in fat and higher in fibre.


BBC – Inside the Factory

Cherry Healey met Azmina at the Eden project to talk about nuts and nutrition in cereal bars. Azmina explains that not all fat is created equal. The good news is that nuts are high in unsaturated fats that have been linked to improved heart health. Nuts are rich in protein and fibre which can help you feel full. Brazil nuts are the richest source of selenium, which is needed for the normal functioning of your immune system. And research suggests we seem to absorb fewer calories when we eat nuts like almonds in their whole form.

“Thanks so much for your brilliant efforts in helping us make the nut film. It really was great and you were brilliant. I will be sure to be back in touch with you again for another idea”.”


Fran Jarvis, Assistant Producer

Inside the Factory

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