Vegan Savvy is a must-have for the plant-based enthusiast as it offers convenient, visual and practical ways to help ensure you get all the nutrients you need – and that these nutrients have the best chance of being absorbed by the body. All thanks to Azmina’s unique concept of the Nutrient Bridge.

Vegan Savvy is a simple, flexible and nutritionally approved way to make it easier to stick to a plant-based diet without compromising on your health.

“Vegan” doesn’t necessarily mean “healthy” and it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of vegan fast food and beans on toast, which could mean you don’t get enough essential nutrients like iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron and calcium.

Lack of key nutrients may lead to unwanted symptoms of feeling sluggish or low in energy, looking pale and suffering mood swings.

Vegan Savvy was released on 10th December 2020. Order it now to get your copy for Veganuary.

“As veganism goes mainstream, there is a growing hunger for evidence-based information about vegan diets.

Dietitian Azmina offers a wealth of practical tips based on both her professional expertise and personal experience of supporting her daughter’s vegan journey. If you’re enjoying a vegan diet, this book [Vegan Savvy] could help you to ensure that your nutrition is on track.“

Heather Russell, Dietitian

The Vegan Society

“Vegan Savvy is a practical companion for anyone choosing to follow a vegan diet. It’s like having your own experienced and knowledgeable dietitian on hand to give you reliable advice, so you can optimise your nutritional intake every day. If only there was a book like this for all dietary patterns.“

Caroline Bovey BEM, Honorary Chair

British Dietetic Association

This evidence-based guide offers accessible, visual and practical ways to ensure you are getting enough of the key nutrients without having to swallow handfuls of supplements.



Here are some colourful infographics you can download. Keep them handy to help you make nutritious day-to-day choices.
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The VVPC Plate

Azmina’s VVPC plate has room for all types of plant-based food, and is the foundation of planning any meal, whether it’s the occasional desk lunch, family dinner, or dining out at your favourite restaurant.

Whenever you eat lunch or dinner, imagine your plate split into four quarters. Fill two of these quarters with veggies such as stir-fried vegetables or salad (or a piece of fruit eaten after your meal), one with carbs (such as sweet potatoes in their skins) and one with protein (such as mixed bean chilli). Whenever you sit down to a meal, visualise this image, or just think of the letters VVPC.

You could download the image and pin it to your fridge!

Book - Vegan Savvy by Azmina Govindji Veganuary
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Get ready for Veganuary

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Azmina has been interviewed on online news channels about Veganuary, she offers expert media quotes to the press and she also works with brands to provide nutritional expertise and guidance on plant-based product development.