Defy the obvious to promote your brand

Do something unique and eye-catching that sparks the interest of the press. This could be a bespoke Fast Food Index, a hunger rating scale or a clever point system for ranking foods.
How do you repackage reflux remedies using nutrition?

Azmina created the Gaviscon Heartburn & Indigestion Risk Scale demonstrated to journalists at DINNER by Heston.

How do you talk about nutrition with fish & chips?

On behalf of LoSalt, Azmina invited nutritionists and dietitians for a blind tasting of the best fish supper in town, flavoured with LoSalt.

How do you promote spices using nutrition?

Check out Azmina’s recipes and expert tips using Schwartz herbs and spices to help you cook with less salt and fat – but with full flavour in every bite.

“Azmina helped develop a traffic light labelling system for our menus for Fresh Italy so that customers wanting to make healthier choices could have simple guidance on the menu board.

Sales of green light dishes grew by 90% immediately after we implemented traffic lights, and side salads by 70%. We were very happy with the success of the initiative

Tom Allchurch, CEO & Founder

Fresh Italy

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