Consumer Campaigns

When you involve Azmina in a campaign, you cannot fail to notice the passion with which she engages her audience. She is clear, lively and interactive and can captivate listeners on radio, journalists at a press briefing or healthcare professionals at a new product launch.

Represent your brand

Add warmth to your brand by hosting live cookery demonstrations, interactive workshops and science-backed, energising press briefings.

Create expert nutrition advice and communications

Lift words off the page in your press release. Azmina has a flair for creating newsworthy expert quotes that add gravitas to your communications.

Defy the obvious to promote your brand

Do something unique and eye-catching that sparks the interest of the press. This could be a bespoke Fast Food Index, a hunger rating scale or a clever point system for ranking foods.

Develop recipes and analyse menus

Make your product the hero in nutritionally analysed recipes and meal plans for weight loss, diabetes or plant-based eating.

Get Heard

Radio days are one of Azmina’s favourite pastimes. She banters with presenters and conjures up mouth-watering images of healthy food through her vibrant expression of your nutrition sound bites.

Drop me a line and let’s start talking.