Consumer Campaigns

When you involve Azmina in a campaign, you cannot fail to notice the passion with which she engages her audience. She is clear, lively and interactive and can captivate listeners on radio, journalists at a press briefing or healthcare professionals at a new product launch.

Represent your brand

Add warmth to your brand by hosting live cookery demonstrations, interactive workshops and science-backed, energising press briefings.

Human interest stories

As consultant to LoSalt, Azmina, together with Celebrity Chef Sam Stern, judged culinary creations from a group of talented student chefs.

On location videos

Azmina surveys the variety of fish at Billingsgate market and helps you face your common fishy fears by demonstrating that fish can be easy to cook, tasty and offer you good nutritional value for your money.

“With Azmina you get so much more than knowledge, you get creative input and ideas that work.”

Sarah wright
360 Communications

Create expert nutrition advice and communications

Lift words off the page in your press release. Azmina has a flair for creating newsworthy expert quotes that add gravitas to your communications.

Expert quotes in the press

As a media spokesperson to the British Dietetic Association, Azmina is often asked to provide evidence-based copy that is translated into fresh consumer messaging.

You can reduce the GI of potatoes by choosing new potatoes, or by eating them cold, says Azmina Govindji (a BDA dietitian). “One of the best ways to eat them is in a salad as the composition of the starch in them changes so they cause less of a spike in blood sugar”. The Times 

“She is a great advocate for dietitians in the UK and the BDA as the voice of positive nutrition.”

Andy Burman, CEO
British Dietetic Association

Defy the obvious to promote your brand

Do something unique and eye-catching that sparks the interest of the press. This could be a bespoke Fast Food Index, a hunger rating scale or a clever point system for ranking foods.

How do you repackage reflux remedies using nutrition?

Azmina created the Gaviscon Heartburn & Indigestion Risk Scale demonstrated to journalists at DINNER by Heston.

How do you talk about nutrition with fish & chips?

On behalf of LoSalt, Azmina invited nutritionists and dietitians for a blind tasting of the best fish supper in town, flavoured with LoSalt.

“Azmina helped develop a traffic light labelling system for our menus. Sales of green light dishes grew by 90% immediately after.”

Tom Allchurch, CEO & Founder
Fresh Italy

Develop recipes and analyse menus

Make your product the hero in nutritionally analysed recipes and meal plans for weight loss, diabetes or plant-based eating.

Tefal ActiFry healthy receipes

The Tefal ActiFry Challenge press coverage featured Azmina’s healthy take on chicken tikka masala, beef kebabs and battered fish and chips.

Nutritious canned food

Canned food can be nutritious as shown in Azmina’s YouTube recipes for Love Canned Food.

Get Heard

Radio days are one of Azmina’s favourite pastimes. She banters with presenters and conjures up mouth-watering images of healthy food through her vibrant expression of your nutrition sound bites.

Wake up to a breakfast campaign!

Azmina had some early starts inspiring the UK population to get hooked on breakfast on behalf of the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board.

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