Social Media

Conversations on social media range from Q&A sessions, live stories, practical tips on a particular nutrition topic, recipes and videos.

Twitter Chats


Azmina is Co-Founder of the award-winning @RDUKChat professional Twitter conversation. RDUK is a moderated chat where experts debate the latest headlines, controversial topics or benefits of a particular food.

RDUK chats are a collaboration with the British Dietetic Association and give brands insights into current expert thinking. Monthly statistics show participation of around 30-40 experts and chats often trend on Twitter. The chats can on occasions be sponsored by the food industry.

The Food Doctor

As consultant nutritionist to The Food Doctor, Azmina shared evidence-based research on product ingredients, gave brand-relevant tips on eating healthily, and found novel ways to reach people on Instagram. She also wrote seasonal blogs on the company website.

Instagram Stories and Posts

Azmina brings brown basmati to life through her culturally appropriate tips.

Recipe analysis and regulated EFSA claims are translated into user-friendly social media assets for Tilda.

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