Nutrition Strategy

Azmina creates nutrition strategy for leading brands to help propel them as a player in nutrition and health. This includes novel ideas for communicating nutrition in an accessible way and insights on nutrition trends and government health priorities.

Develop a Brand-specific Nutritional Strategy

Be smart with your NPD with realistic nutritional criteria. Learn lessons from other brands and engage key opinion leaders such as nutritionists, dietitians and health journalists.


When The Food Doctor had a major rebrand in 2018, Azmina was brought in to help shape the strategic direction of the brand.

She was integral to the ingredients, nutritional content, health claims as well as the nutrition messaging and marketing of a range of products including bagels, wraps and snacks.

Fruity Communications

Azmina was involved in the nutrition strategy for innocent drinks over several years. She brought in experts from her range of networks to debate issues around free sugars, nutrient density and balanced nutrition messaging. Azmina chaired a series of multi-disciplinary expert roundtables, represented the brand at conferences, wrote features in professional magazines and conducted in-house training on nutrition trends.

“She is inspiring to be around and this is evident through the wonderful network of fellow professionals, who clearly hold her in very high regard.”

David Balmer, Managing Director
The Food Doctor

Inspire your team

It’s not just about what you’re selling; it’s also about who’s selling it.

With more of your teams working from home and perhaps gaining weight, this is an opportune time to motivate them to understand more about the health attributes of your brand whilst making realistic changes to their lifestyle habits.
Improve employee understanding of the ingredients and benefits of your product range and the claims you make.

 Employee buy-in can help sales teams convey clearer messaging to buyers because they have deeper belief in what they’re promoting.

“She was a key asset to the project – she created in-depth content on all things Nutrition, to engage the [employees] by using simple yet creative and compelling strategies. 

Fransesca Carrillo, Senior Planning Executive
The Gild Brand Consultancy

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