Azmina’s passion for evidence-based nutrition and her understanding of a brand’s commercial interests helps her devise creative solutions that convey compelling messages to the consumer whilst providing a fresh angle that sells the brand health credentials. The benefit of working with a regulated dietitian is that a business can be assured of the level of knowledge and skills which help protect brand integrity and bring nutrition credibility.

“Her enthusiasm is infectious, her insight on health and wellness is invaluable and her creativity adds that additional spark to our PR programmes.”

Kat Bayang, Account Manager
Hill & Knowlton

Consumer Campaigns

When you involve Azmina in a brand campaign, you cannot fail to notice the passion with which she engages her audience.

Engage Nutritionists

Azmina helps brands influence and engage with top experts in the nutrition world.

Nutrition Strategy

Azmina creates nutrition strategy for leading brands to help propel them as a player in nutrition and health.

Looking for an expert?

Azmina is a recognised expert in plant-based eating, diabetes and nutrition for BAME communities.

Drop me a line and let’s start talking.