You can tell Azmina is smiling even when she’s on radio. You’ll hear the enthusiasm she has for her subject as she finds a way to seamlessly weave in the brand’s key messages.

BBC – The Price of Bread

Azmina spoke to Elizabeth Hotson on BBC’s Business Daily show about high fibre bread and carbs being firmly on the menu. Fibre is found only in carbohydrate foods and we’re not reaching the daily target of 30g fibre a day, which is needed to help prevent long term conditions such as certain types of cancer. The keto diet, paleo diet and other low carb plans that cut out carbs like bread, fruit and veg are not helpful for long-term overall health.

BBC – Diet & Diabetes

Azmina and Dr Hilary Jones share how to beat diabetes with Felicity Evans on Radio 4’s The Food Programme. Ready meals shouldn’t make you feel guilty – consider adding a can of sweetcorn or adding a side salad. You need low glycaemic index carbs to help manage blood glucose levels in diabetes. Choose whole grains, pulses, porridge, vegetables, beans instead of sugar-rich food and drinks.

Lyca Radio – Sugar Swaps

Azmina was interviewed on various South Asian radio channels to promote the Change4Life Sugar Swaps Campaign to BAME communities. In this hour-long interview with Deep Raja of Dilse radio (part of Lyca), she talked about 10 year-olds in the UK eating 18 years’ worth of sugar. That’s an extra 2,800 sugar cubes a year – equivalent to 8 sugar cubes too many each day.

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