From the food industry

“Standing tall on nutrition is integral to our brand and I met Azmina when working on the most recent refreshment of our Nutrition Strategy. We wanted to capture insights from industry professionals and engaged with Azmina to facilitate working sessions covering relevant topics to healthy drinking. Azmina bought energy, passion and professionalism to the workshops, helping to steer conversations and outputs to a helpful place. We would be happy to both engage with and recommend Azmina in the future”


Sam Simester, Innovation Research & Development Director

innocent drinks

“Amazing work Azmina.  We were both blown away by yesterday’s Roundtable and came away inspired and excited as to what the future of the brand could hold. I really am starting to see our vision come to life. I’m so glad we persuaded you to believe in us.”


Jocelyn Grant, Group Brand Strategist

William Jackson Food Group

“As soon as I met Azmina, I knew she was the right person to help us rediscover our nutritional focus as a brand. She helped guide us through the complex world of nutrition and dietetics whilst being pragmatic. She has a wonderful energy and helped us channel that into all our new product development. She is inspiring to be around and this is evident through the wonderful network of fellow professionals, who clearly hold her in very high regard. An absolute pleasure to work with.”


David Balmer, Managing Director

The Food Doctor

“Azmina is always great to work with. Her contagious passion for food and nutrition ignites enthusiasm in clients and fosters a really happy working atmosphere. This together with her ability to communicate really clearly and simply complex nutrition messages to non-technical or nutrition trained audiences makes her a valuable and joyful addition to project teams.”


Julie Watson, Group Head of Nutrition

Nomad Foods Europe (Bird’s Eye)

“Azmina helped develop a traffic light labelling system for our menus for Fresh Italy so that customers wanting to make healthier choices could have simple guidance on the menu board. Sales of green light dishes grew by 90% immediately after we implemented traffic lights, and side salads by 70%. We were very happy with the success of the initiative”


Tom Allchurch, CEO & Founder

Fresh Italy

“I invited Azmina to join a critical strategic project with a focus on food nutrition. Azmina brings a well of knowledge, freshness, enthusiasm, open-mindedness and much, much more.

She was a real asset to the project and helped us to translate scientific and technical approaches into real value added benefits for our customers and consumers. I would recommend Azmina for any food and health projects that you are working on as a true expert that will bring new ideas and challenge corporate thinking.”


Laura Goodbrand EMEA Marketing Lead


From PR agencies

“Azmina has been a consultant nutritionist to our client, Schwartz, over the past two years. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her insight on health and wellness is invaluable and her creativity adds that additional spark to our PR programmes. She’s also such a pleasure to work with – very professional and sensitive to our demanding timelines!”


 Kat Bayang, Account Manager

Hill & Knowlton

“With Azmina you get so much more than knowledge, you get creative input and ideas that work.  A willingness to passionately embrace the brief and a drive to make the project a success; her enthusiasm and knowledge is invaluable.  In terms of delivering messages to a viewing, listening and reading audience Azmina makes it so easy to understand within the context of very confusing, often contradictory general health advice.  As a consumer watching your webcasts, not only do you look good but you are incredibly watchable and I trust your advice.”


Sarah wright

360 Communications

“I worked with Azmina on the creation of a global e-Learning course for Chiquita Brands International, developed by The Gild and rolled out to 25k + employees. She was a key asset to the project – she created in-depth content on all things Nutrition, to engage the users by using simple yet creative and compelling strategies. It was a pleasure working with her and I would recommend her to any prospective clients!”


Fransesca Carrillo, Senior Planning Executive

The Gild Brand Consultancy

From broadcasters

“Thanks so much for your travel endeavours all the way to Cornwall and your brilliant efforts in helping us make the nut film. It really was great and you were brilliant. I will be sure to be back in touch with you again for another idea.”


Fran Jarvis, Assistant Producer

Inside the Factory

“You really were fantastic to work with, thank you. They have already started cutting the scene in the edit and the editors have said how great you were, they couldn’t believe it when I said you were feeling unwell.”


Rose Wilkinson

Ricochet (for BBC Food Unwrapped)

“Azmina has worked with us over many years and has always been a superb spokesperson – bundles of enthusiasm, knowledgeable and able to put that knowledge across in a manner that draws people in, excites them and makes them want to follow whatever she’s suggesting!”


Karen Brooks, Director

Markettiers Broadcast Specialists

From media health professionals

“It is always a pleasure to work with Azmina. She manages to combine an enthusiasm and passion for communicating the science of nutrition with a sharp analytical mind, attention to detail and a strong sense of professionalism. She has had a huge influence on the ways dietitians are using social media. If it wasn’t for her encouraging presentations and great work with RDUK I would feel much less confident about using twitter. I am very appreciative of her efforts!”


Sue Baic, Registered Dietitian & Cruise ship Enrichment Speaker

P&O Cruises

“Thank you for being such a huge inspiration to me.”


Priya Tew, Dietitian for

Eat Well for Less

‘’The Diabetic’s Bible’’  (about Think Well to be Well book)


Dr Chris Steele

ITV’s This Morning programme

From national organisations

“I was delighted to hear Azmina deliver the Elsie Widdowson Lecture, which showed exactly why so many people have been inspired over the years by her dedication to clear nutrition messages. She is a great advocate for dietitians in the UK and the BDA as the voice of positive nutrition, it is always a pleasure to work with her.”


Andy Burman, CEO

British Dietetic Association

“Azmina is one of the most dedicated, professional and friendly people that I have had the pleasure of working with. She has spoken at many of our educational wellness events and together we have put on a variety of presentations, interactive workshops and exciting cooking demonstrations. Her experience in the field of diet and nutrition has been invaluable in helping us to achieve our charitable aims and improve the lifestyle, health, wellbeing and self-management of hundreds of people living with diabetes.”


Lee Calladine, Event Coordinator

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

“Azmina’s presentations are lively and memorable. Her energy and enthusiasm radiate to her audience and she is often the highlight at our national event”


Sarah Bone, CEO

Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation

About Azmina’s books

“A hearty cocktail of fun and knowledge, I wish this book had been available when my own son was diagnosed with diabetes at the tender age of 7’.“


Dr Hilary Jones


“Vegan Savvy is a practical companion for anyone choosing to follow a vegan diet. It’s like having your own experienced and knowledgeable dietitian on hand to give you reliable advice, so you can optimise your nutritional intake every day. If only there was a book like this for all dietary patterns.“


Caroline Bovey BEM, Honorary Chair
British Dietetic Association

“If you want no nonsense sensible advice, [Hot Body Plan] is the book for you!”


Matthew Wright

The Wright Stuff

“As veganism goes mainstream, there is a growing hunger for evidence-based information about vegan diets. Dietitian Azmina offers a wealth of practical tips based on both her professional expertise and personal experience of supporting her daughter’s vegan journey. If you’re enjoying a vegan diet, this book [Vegan Savvy] could help you to ensure that your nutrition is on track.“


Heather Russell, Dietitian

The Vegan Society

“In this practical book (The Gi Plan), Azmina Govindji makes it very easy for anyone to kick-start a low GI diet for healthy weight loss with her quick and easy menus and recipes that you’ll want to try time and again.“


Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, Professor of Human Nutrition

University of Sydney and author of The Low GI Diet

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