Cheat’s chicken in “cream” sauce

by | Apr 12, 2013

chicken in cream sauce 2

I love ordering this type of dish in restaurants and wanted to create my own healthier (cream-free) version at home in about 15 minutes – so I cheated!

I added one tsp. each of crushed garlic and ginger to a skinless baby chicken, which I asked the butcher to cut into small pieces (you could use boneless chicken thighs or breast, or turkey for this instead). I then coated this in flour and added a little seasoning.

I heated a couple of teaspoons of rapeseed oil and threw in the chicken, stirring it from time to time. Meanwhile, I chopped a green pepper and an onion. Once it was browned (which took just a few minutes), I added the chopped peppers and onions with some semi-skimmed milk (about a mugful), covered the pan and let the chicken cook happily on its own for about 10-15 minutes, stirring now and then, and adding more milk if the sauce was too thick.

This lower fat yet creamy velvety dish was then brought to life with some chopped flat leaf parsley, and I devoured it with some mustard mashed potato and green beans. Want some?

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