How to be Vegan Savvy – a guide for professionals

by | Jan 15, 2021

I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ll be delivering the first webinar about my research for latest book Vegan Savvy on 20th January 2021. This event is free to attend and is open to all healthcare professionals. The talk will cover key nutritional considerations when adopting a vegan diet as well as my anecdotal evidence on how to support young professionals in creating a well-planned vegan diet.

Vegan diets talk by UK dietitian Azmina Govindji

Nutrition was always paramount in my strategy for bringing up well-rounded children, but this reached another level when my daughter announced she had become vegan. My first response was mild panic, as I was concerned how she was going to be able to meet her nutritional needs. I was particularly worried about calcium and iodine on a diary-free diet, as the UK National Diet and Nutrition Surveys clearly show that young girls are particularly at risk of low intakes. The research frenzy came from another place within me; this was no longer about work or continuous professional development. It had got personal.

What the talk will cover

I will be talking about my thought-process in my desire to find a unique way to translate the science of nutrition. I will share how I came up with the concept of the Nutrient Bridge, why I chose the VVPC Picture your Plate model, the challenges I came across whilst researching, the surprises along the way, and much more.

We need to find ways for more registered nutritionists and dietitians to be in the public eye and to share their evidence-based expertise, so I hope to inspire attendees to also consider publishing their knowledge into an accessible format.

Register now – look forward to seeing you there!


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